What has Karl Aquino accomplished? 

I have a doctorate from the School of Hard Knocks (i.e., Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University).

Recent Honors and Awards

2015: none

2014: none

2013: none

2012: none

2011: none

2010: noneWorld ranking

2009: none

Once again, I have failed to earn: the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the Congressional Medal of Freedom, the Silver Star for valor in combat, a MacArthur Foundation – aka “genius” – grant, and Best Ham Prize, Polk County Fair, Iowa.  I have also been excluded from the international who’s who of intellectuals and the 2000 outstanding people of the 21st century.  However, as you can see from the graphic to the right, I have improve my influence ranking by nearly 100 places (due largely to the retirement of nearly 2000 management thinkers who were ranked in the top four quintiles).

I estimate that I have received more than 176.5 rejections from a wide array of A, B, and C-level journals in several fields. Recent comments have included: I have now reviewed this paper twelve times – please stop submitting it without at least running spell check,” “this paper makes an incremental and NEGATIVE contribution (which I did not think was possible),” “Perhaps there is something you can salvage from studies 2-8, but after reading the first study I couldn’t take anymore – sorry,” “I know you are disappointed with this outcome, but I hope that you will continue to do work in this exciting area,” “I hope you will will not consider submitting your work to this journal in the future,” and “I wish you the best of luck in finding a more suitable outlet for your research.”  Previous comments about my research have included: “poor theoretical development,” “utilizes inappropriate methods,” “breaks new ground – NOT!,” and “HOLY SH*T this is a BAD paper.” Having received such constructive feedback has helped me to maintain a strong passion for research. This has enabled me to publish more than 3 peer reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and/or book chapters. A partial list of the journals I have published in includes the International Journal of Value-Based Management, Journal of Management Education, and Journal of Management Inquiry. Among the leading journals that have not published my research are: Science, Harvard Business Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Harpers Bazaar. In addition, most media outlets have chosen to ignore nearly all of my work.

Now almost two decades into my teaching career, I estimate that I have had a marginal impact on the lives of more than 3,900 graduate and undergraduate students. If you ask any of my students about my teaching they are likely to say: “yeah, I had his class,” and “is he that guy that talks about that stuff?” Additional feedback on my pedagogical prowess has included: “I’d rather take 20 more credit hours than have to sit through another class session with this guy,” and “wear a belt.” To my knowledge, I have yet to receive a red hot chili pepper on

I have not been asked to consult for any of the 500 companies listed in the Fortune 500 or on the Nikkei Stock Exchange, including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Boeing, Toyota, Samsung, and Rice Exporters Ltd. However, I have amassed more than 21 years of experience in providing unsolicited recommendations to small cap organizations. Some of the recipients of my management strategy services and expertise are: the Original Tandoori and Chat House, Vancouver, BC; the Deer Park Restaurant, Newark, DE; and Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Atlanta, GA. If you would like to receive an unsolicited management strategy consultation, which will be customized for your organization, please do NOT contact me.

Financial Expertise
During my graduate training, I acquired some knowledge of arbitrage. I have discovered a useful tool for managing my global investment portfolio that I am willing to share with all would-be investors. Click here to access this powerful money-making instrument.

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